The School Staff



Mr Robert O'Malley *Headteacher
Deputy Safeguarding Lead
More Able & Talented Co-ordinator
Miss Natalie Shanahan *Deputy Headteacher
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Numeracy Co-ordinator
Pupil Premium Coordinator
Mrs Michelle Laskey*Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
Literacy Co-ordinator
Miss Ellie DayYear 6 Class Teacher
Art/DT Co-ordinator
Mrs Frances Crawford*Year 6 Class Teacher
Pupil Premium
Miss Lucy HanniganYear 5 Class Teacher
Mrs Alison CockerillYear 5 Class Teacher
Assistant Safeguarding Leader
Music Co-ordinator
Science Co-ordinator
Mrs Ruth PicklesYear 4 Class Teacher
Mr Iain Mortimer*Year 4 Class Teacher
Sports Co-ordinator
Trips and Visits Co-ordinator
Mrs Elaine Read
Mrs Mary McEvoy
Year 3 Class Teachers
Miss Amanda WallsYear 3 Class Teacher
RE Co-ordinator
Miss Kathryn Foster*Year 2 Class Teacher
English as an Additional Language Co-ordinator
Work Experince Co-ordinator
Miss Nicola Carman Year 2 Class Teacher
Computing Co-ordinator
Miss Jennie Collins*

Mrs Gemma Wheatley
Year 1 Class Teacher
Key Stage 1 Leader
Maths/ITT Co-ordinator
Year 1 Class Teacher
RE Co-ordinator
Mrs Dashna PatelYear 1 Class Teacher
Mrs Anthea Cosstick *Reception Teacher
Assistant Safeguarding Leader
EYFS Leader
Forest Schools Leader EYFS
Miss Ciara ShannonReception Teacher
Humanities/Outdoor Environment Co-ordinator
Mrs Sue TholenNursery Teacher
EAL Co-ordinator (EYFS/KS1)
Mrs Jenny CathcartNursery Teacher
EAL Co-ordinator (EYFS/KS1)
Mrs Kate GrantRE Teacher
* Staff Management
Mrs Dionne GoodluckBursar
Mrs Kathryn ExleyFinance Administrator
Mrs Maria O’DonnellAdministrator
Mrs Sharon ParlettHigher Level Teaching Assistant
Library Manager
Numeracy Intervention
Mrs Anna MerridaleHigher Level Teaching Assistant
SEN / Early Intervention
Read Write Inc.
Mrs Sonia BeckettHigher Level Teaching Assistant
EAL/KS2 Intervention/RWI
Mrs Erica HayesHigher Level Teaching Assistant
Learning Mentor/RWI
Mrs Liz MurphyHigher Level Teaching Assistant
SEN Foundation Stage Support
Mrs Lisa NixonTeaching Assistant
SEN Foundation Stage Support
Mrs Kate BrownTeaching Assistant
Mrs Lorna BurgessTeaching Assistant
Ms Pam CunninghamTeaching Assistant
Mrs Jackie HicksTeaching Assistant
Nurture Group Leader
Mrs Carole MatonTeaching Assistant
Mrs Elaine MorrisTeaching Assistant
Mrs Margaret ShanahanTeaching Assistant
Nurture Group Leader
Mrs Elaine CresswellTeaching Assistant
Mrs Natalie LarkinTeaching Assistant
Mrs Carol CanavanTeaching Assistant
Miss Catherine LewisTeaching Assistant
Mrs Patience PhillipsTeaching Assistant
Mrs Linda ChappellTeaching Assistant
Mrs Danielle KellyTeaching Assistant
Mrs Claire McGonigleTeaching Assistant
Mrs Carol MaddenTeaching Assistant
Mrs Laura CliffordTeaching Assistant
Mrs Louise TownendTeaching Assistant
Miss Ciara O'BrienTeaching Assistant
Mrs Emma BarbieriTeaching Assistant
Mr Bob InglisSite Manager