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Information About the School

St Monica’s is a two form entry primary school with a Nursery and a warm, family atmosphere. We aim to serve all members of our school community through living out our Mission Statement ‘Let Love, Trust and Respect live here’. We believe that if you love, trust and respect each other, God’s will can best be done by and amongst us. We are a community that continues to grow in the love and knowledge of God, reflecting the values and attitudes of Christ in our daily lives and the Liturgy of the Church. We aim for every child to develop an understanding of their role as part of Christ’s body, not only in the locality but in the wider World.

This enables children to appreciate the opportunities they are offered in school in God’s name and grow in respect for each other, so that they might achieve of their best within the school and wider communities. In this, we are served by a committed governing body with a wide range of professional skills and experience, an active Chaplaincy Committee and staff eager to help children develop their ability and confidence in articulating and celebrating their spirituality. OFSTED (2018) reported that staff “have created a strong sense of community based on Christian values”.

At present, we have around 400 children on roll from a very wide range of cultures and countries of whom 47% are baptised Catholics and 41% are Christians of other denominations seeking a Catholic school for the education of their children and bringing their own culture to our school.  The current proportion of BME pupils is 85% with the largest group being African. The proportion of EAL on the school roll is 60% with an additional 25% recorded as being of ethnic minority origin but not EAL. There are 33 languages spoken by children in our school.

Grades for St Monica’s Catholic Primary School

Key grades for inspection

  • Catholic Life and Mission: Outstanding
  • Religious Education: Outstanding
  • Collective Worship: Good
  • Overall Effectiveness: Good

Inspection Report of Denominational
Character and Religious Education`

(Under Section 48 of the
Education Act 2005)

St Monica’s Catholic Primary School

DfE School No: 826/3378
URN: 110482

Mr Robert O’Malley
Chair of Governors:
Mr Michael Manley

Lead Inspector:
Mr Mark Holdsworth
Team Inspector:
Mr Phil Turnham

Date of Inspection: 14th/15th June 2023

The School is in the Trusteeship of the Diocese and is directed by
Milton Keynes Local Education Authority.

Date of Inspection: 14th July 2016
Date and grade of previous inspection: 30th June 2010. Grade 2

The School is in the Trusteeship of the Diocese and is directed by
Milton Keynes Local Education Authority.