Google Classroom

An online classroom for use online at home and in school

We have been developing our remote learning platform which will ensure that children can access their learning from home if a class or year group is required to self-isolate or local restrictions require pupils to remain at home due to COVID.

In order to support learning from home, we will be using Google Classroom which you can access over the internet. Some classes may also be using this to access homework so that you and your children get used to using Google Classroom. If you have children at secondary school, they may already be using Google Classroom.

Safety Features

Although many safety features have been enabled, it is still the responsibility of parents to monitor what children are accessing online at home.

Google Classroom is to be used for school related content only.

Any misuse will be reported and investigated by our safeguarding team.

Accessing Google Classroom

Pupils can access Google Classroom via a web browser by visiting They should sign in using their email address and password that they have been given by their teacher.

Please follow this help guide if you need any support logging in to Google Classroom.

Accessing resources

Please watch this video to help you use Google Classroom.