Religious Life of the School

We are a Church school which aims to serve all members of our community through living out our Mission Statement ‘Let Trust, Respect and Love’ live here.

Our school is part of the Parish of St Augustine’s, Heelands which is part of the Diocese of Northampton.

Setting aside time to pray and worship is central to the religious life of the school. We are constantly striving to offer liturgical and Sacramental experiences that are creative, meaningful, active and varied. Children pray each day using traditional prayers but also often prepare class prayer resources. They also create the rich musical life of the school through worship in hymn practices and the school choir. Children plan, prepare and participate actively in school Masses throughout the year. Children are also active in raising funds for charitable causes, particularly during the season of Lent.

We have close links with our Parish. Our School Chaplains visit the school frequently to work with children on the curriculum as well as their own areas of enquiry. They also lead preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion for our Year 3 children. 

Please feel welcome to join us at Mass in school. Details can be found in our school diary dates or by contacting the school office.

For more details on the Catholic Life of the school, please see our newsletters.