School Council Election

This year Mrs Branch has changed the process for electing members of the School Council. The aim was to introduce an election experience to help children understand what it is like to vote and to encourage their voting for candidates on their merits.

The candidates from Years 3-6, who wanted to become a representative, had to write a short manifesto and present it to the class. The library was turned into a polling station with booths and voting slips and a ballot box ready for the elections. The polling station was open 9am – 3pm, and the children could go to the polling station and put a cross in the box for their chosen candidate. The votes were then counted and verified by Mrs Branch and Mrs Morris. The children really enjoyed the experience of voting in a formal manner. The School Council have attended training in the role led by Tom Bulman of Citizens:mk.

This will stand them in good stead as they begin in the role as class representatives.